Recycled Rodeo at Sizer

If you happened to step into the atrium Thursday morning, you may have wondered what you were seeing! If you were here early, you saw an old trailer frame, some pieces that looked like junk, and some rolls of colored tape. As the morning progressed, and Ms. Clarke’s third and fourth period art students worked with a special guest, the materials started to transform into a rolling art piece.

The special guest was Jerry Beck, a Fitchburg resident who is the executive director of the Revolving Museum.  This is the second time Mr. Beck has collaborated with Sizer students on a special project. This type of artwork is part of the "Recyled Rodeo," which encourages students to turn recyled materials into creative art pieces. According to an interview with Mr. Beck from the Worcester Telegram and Gazette,

“There is a certain magic that happens when children are given the tools, encouragement and permission to create art...What we are helping kids to understand is that art isn’t just an object in a museum. Involving kids in art as a social practice is something we do to help them understand collaboration and expression and the power of art as an aesthetic process. This is really the cutting edge of how we can make an impact in our communities.”

By lunchtime, the assortment of odd items were unrecognizable, and many people passing through the atrium stopped to comment on what they were seeing, and how they were interpreting it.  When it was time to go, students wheeled the former trailer out the front door and put it on the trailer hitch on Mr. Beck’s car.  Perhaps you saw it as it passed through the streets of town, sun glittering off the material.

One of Ms. Clarke’s students reflected on the experience, saying it was different working on such a large project, and it was the first time he had worked on a piece with other people at the same time.  He did note the experience involved many senses-including “the potent smell of the tape.” He would be happy to have the opportunity to do it again– “it was a lot fun.”

For more information about Recyled Rodeo, click here to see the Worcester Telegram article.