Spreading Some TCA this Winter


Winter is a hectic time for everyone - but this year Sizer students and staff have taken a moment to remember how important it is to show appreciation, warmth, and care. The theme of the school's library, "How do we Care for Ourselves," is echoed in the activities and actions of our students. Some have organized a winter coat drive, while another group has started a food pantry for the Sizer community members. Our mission of THINK, CARE, and ACT couldn't be more clearly displayed than through these initiatives. In truly thinking and caring about ourselves and our surroundings, we are driven to action to make a difference. And, sometimes the act of helping someone else turns out to be the greatest form of self-care. 

On the glass window of the Library: "One way we care for ourselves is by looking out for others. When we help somebody, it helps us care for ouselves because it can help us feel good." 

Lindsey, and 11th grader, is an avid knitter and crocheter during Mrs. Calcaterra's loom arts SWOOP class. She is also a junior member of the Board of Directors for the organization Winter Warmers. This local non-profit helps people in need by giving away hand-made hats, scarves, and mittens for the coldest months. 

And while Lindsey is making her own items, the rest of the SWOOP class has also been working on a staggering number of loom-knitted hats that will be given away to people who need them. These hats will first be displayed on a decorated holiday tree at the Townsend Public Library and then donated to several local charities including Winter Warmers

Many different singers, dancers, and other performers came together during the Winter Benefit Concert, where guests were asked to bring in canned goods for the Sizer food pantry. The event was a huge success and they were able to collect enough supplies to stock our food pantry for the holidays. The students were passionate and dedicated their entire Saturday to be part of this event, organized by Ms. Vazquez.

For the Sizer students, our staff created a wonderful Giving "Tree" where staff and families could purchase holiday gifts for fellow families in need. Within a few hours of the tags being hung, all the names were taken by staff, parents, and students eager to help out a fellow Sizerite. And the Library staff even purchased scholastic books for each grade level, so that all students could pick out a new book for an extra holiday gift. 

Part of Sizer's Vision Statement asserts that "We do what it takes to inspire passionate, creative, and life-long learners who achieve personal greatness, are prepared for the future, and engage with and give back to the world." It is clear from all the wonderful initiatives happening this winter that our students are going above and beyond to make a lasting difference in this community.